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Newfoundland pop

Posted by Sandy McMurray on April 12, 2008 7:16 PM

On our way home from pie shopping at Crawford's, we stopped at The Apple Factory to have a look around. Among the fresh fruit and baked goods (and dozens of imported British "delicacies" like canned butter beans) I saw a sign that said "Newfoundland Pop".

Crush Birch Beer - available in the province of Newfoundland in CanadaThe sign pointed to a display of Crush drinks. There were three flavours of pop: Birch Beer, Lime and Pineapple.

This is the kind of thing that gets my attention. It's always a treat to find something that's available only in certain regions of the country.

We have Crush pop here in Ontario, but most stores sell only Orange Crush, Grape Crush and Cream Soda Crush. What we had here was something different.

I came home with just one can: the birch beer. (According to Google, I should have grabbed a Pineapple Crush as well. Many people who can't get it seem to want it. More on that in a minute.)

Birch beer is usually sweeter than root beer. Crush Birch Beer had a nice sweet taste -- better than many root beers I've tried -- but I wouldn't drive to Brampton to get another can. It was nice, but not anything special.

The colour surprised me, though. It's bright red -- almost as red as Cream Soda Crush. According to Wikipedia, this is normal -- birch beer is usually brown, red or white (clear).

I like root beer and birch beer just fine, but apparently my taste runs towards the sarsaparilla end of the spectrum.

I did a Google search for Pineapple Crush and found that it's "common as water" in Newfoundland stores. You can find it pretty much anywhere that Pepsi products are sold.

And now you know where to find Pineapple Crush in Ontario, if you're so inclined: at The Apple Factory.

The Crush brand in Canada is controlled by Cadbury Beverages Canada.

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